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How To Love Your Body
How To Love Your Body
How To Love Your Body

Have you ever sat down with your body in a deeply loving way, focusing all of your gracious attention on every body part?

Your body responds beautifully from this kind of luxurious “treatment” from you.


—Draw a bath and immerse yourself, take a deep breath and exhale any stress

—When your body is warm and surrendered, drain the tub down to very low

—Open the the scrub package and deeply inhale the chocolatey aroma

—Place your hands over your heart and set the intention for a healing

—Rub the scrub between your hands, feeling the sugar melt in your palms

—Take your sweet time and gently scrub every inch of your body

—Say out loud how beautiful and amazing each part of your body is

—Add more water to extend the exfoliation for as long as possible

—Let the scrub melt into your skin as you turn inwards

—Ask your soul for advice on any questions that come up for you

—Listen closely and follow your hearts guidance💗


Zenziva Club
Zenziva Club

How To Love Your Body—

  1. Be radically honest with yourself love— Start to acknowledge your inner dialogue, how the voice in your head talks to you about how your body looks.

  2. What does the voice say about you? Start to take notice. A good clarifying question is— would I ever let someone else talk like that about my best friend or sister?

  3. Let yourself feel into letting that be okay (what the voice says about you) it is only when we try to avoid or pretend like something’s not there that it can continue to create.

  4. Honor that you are holding onto some idea about the way your body should be or look. Let yourself feel into accepting that now too.

  5. Understand you are looking at your body through the eyes of judgment, we have all been conditioned to look at our bodies with a critical and comparing eye— the way you see yourself is not at all how others see you.

  6. What would that feel like to simply accept the way your body looks right now, to let that be okay? To love her exactly as she is right now without the idea that she has to be different in any way?

  7. Feel into that feeling of acceptance, feels so good! Let yourself feel unconditional love for your body right now. Your body has been obeying your every order and listening to your every command, can you see that she is trying her best?

  8. Can you see that you are controlling her every move is not love? Can you see that she is yours and yours alone? That she needs you to accept and love her? Just like a child needs love.

  9. Your body is exactly the way it is supposed to be right now, this moment. And she is so beautiful and amazing.

  10. Your place of power is in your acceptance of—, even if we never lose another pound I am going to love you no matter what, even if you put on twenty pounds I am still going to love you no matter what.

  11. When you accept her AS SHE IS, then from that place of unconditional love you have the power to shift into SEEING HER THRU THE EYES OF LOVE


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