Zenziva was born on the island of Maui. Our founder Andrea Berset lived there for 8 life-changing years. Ziva is Sanskrit for bliss, and zen represents balance. In our highly stimulated world, Zenziva represents coming home to ourselves and finding peace within.

Andrea was on the wellness path, searching for a more natural way to live and in harmony with the earth. She was exposed to so much beauty and healing while living there and that is the foundation on which Zenziva was built upon.

The Chocolate Body Scrub Is A Self Love Tool

The chocolate body scrub was born in 2014, it took several years of trial and error before the product became what it is today. The scrub and the sharing of it became a unique bridge builder in the community. Bringing beauty and joy in the form of self love scrub circles, inspiring women all over the island to gather and nurture one another.

Something so simple as a chocolate sugar scrub shared amongst fresh flowers became the most amazing way to connect our hearts, love our bodies, and support one another. Andrea discovered that this way of coming together to beautify in nature has a rare and remarkable effect. 

Self Love Scrub Circles In The Community

“Andrea would lead these incredible circles at the beach in Hawaii. Women would gather in bathing suits and sarongs, and share prayers and intentions spoken over fresh flowers, and the chocolate body scrub would be scooped up and lovingly used to exfoliate arms and bellies, legs and toes. We would then bake in the sun like human chocolate chip cookies and jump in the ocean as all our flowers and dreams flowed back to us through the washing away of dull skin and things that no longer served us.” - Kara

Andrea believes that the first step to self love is accepting your body, you’re home. The Love Your Body Practice that she shares is how she was able to accept and now thrive in her body. Her newest project— The Club, is how we empower our community with the self love tools and support they need to flourish. A portion of all our proceeds currently funds our local efforts to empower women, and soon to be launched global efforts.

Women Thrive When Supported

In a world where we have been subtly taught that taking care of ourselves is selfish, women need permission to love themselves. Zenziva’s mission is to awaken women to their divine right to honor what they want, without guilt. Zenziva is a support system, driven by our desire to inspire and encourage women to dream big, to live big! Women flourish when felt seen, heard and appreciated. When the women of the world are well looked after we will know and see true harmony amongst humanity.