A heart opening lifestyle that enhances our own self love through intentional self care


Zenziva translated: Zen is an ancient movement that emphasizes enlightenment for the student by the most direct possible means. Whereas Ziva is interpreted in Sanskrit as the word for bliss. We are only beginning to realize just how significant the combination of these two words have been in the foretelling of our truly grand mission of inspiring self love, for all.

As we had originally started out with very different ideas in mind about our future business. Although It has been nothing short of fascinating to watch the initial rapid growth of our luxury, hand-blended, all organic skin care line throughout the Hawaiian islands. It has been even more profound to allow and embrace the many changes that are occurring throughout our company as we honor our original intent and the message that wants to be delivered.

The Chocolate Body Scrub was very indirectly born out of a need to have a tangible self-care tool to honor and love our bodies. This product has become so highly coveted that we have just recently pivoted our position in the skin care market to focus solely on the scrub and its body loving message.

When our founder, Andrea Berset first designed The Chocolate Scrub it was as another product in an already successful line. She then experienced her own profound transformation with the scrub as she began to regularly practice loving and caring for her own body with the product.

Upon realizing the power of a regular practice of nurturing herself, Andrea began sharing the chocolate scrub with others. Inviting women and anyone who wanted to join, to get together in nature and nourish their bodies and each other in what seemed like both new and ancient ways.

Coming together in community to scrub, to share, to connect, to honor and respect ourselves, one another and our mother earth was an unexpected and greatly appreciated “spoke in the wheel” of The Chocolate Body Scrub.

There have been countless unique experiences created for all kinds of events from bridal scrubs, to baby blessings, to birthdays. All quite synchronistically and rather auspiciously calling in the people who needed to hear the message the most. Most significantly, Hoku Bayly, our head of Zenziva Maui.

The Chocolate Scrub is not only edible and delicious, it is also hand-blended with love and intentions of healing for all that discover and experience it. We activate and connect the love in our own hearts, and send it through our hands and into the scrub as we mix all of the elements together, creating that subtle magic everybody feels.

Experiencing deliciously soft and supple skin is no doubt an incredible benefit to using the scrub. However, it is the unique personal practice we are teaching-- that creates that deep healing connection to yourself, the community, and the earth that is carrying such a lasting impact in our lives.

Teaching others this act of symbolically shedding layers and re-birthing into the new has become our biggest passion. As we acknowledge and honor our beliefs- known and unknown, we can embrace them and let them go.

Learning to love all these versions of an ever-evolving self is mastering the art of self love. Practicing techniques and utilizing tools to truly nurture and care for this human body is mastering the art of self care.

Zenziva encourages you to very gently and with reverent kindness master both of these arts, for yourself

Andrea Berset is an avid entrepreneur, writer + founder of Zenziva. Inspired by her own personal journey to transform her health, she created Zenziva as way to educate people around the world about the power of an intentional self care + self love life style.

A born epicurean, Andrea is the designer of our highly coveted Chocolate Body Scrub + the editor of Zenziva Living, our online magazine. Since creating Zenziva and healing her body, she now feels limitless in her ability to expand and empower others to do the same. Leading inspiring Zenziva scrubs at retreats internationally.

contact: andrea@zenzivaliving.com

Hoku Bayly is the head of Zenziva’s Maui division and is a regular contributing writer in Zenziva Living. Being born on the beautiful island of Maui, she experiences direct inspiration from the powerful land, and is fiercely passionate about sharing that love, wisdom and connection with others.

Hoku is the most amazing mother of two, and leads our very unique bridal party scrubs throughout the Hawaiian islands. She loves to sing, dance, write, travel, explore, and connect deeply with all whom she encounters.

contact: hoku@zenzivaliving.com