Andrea Berset is a Maui-based entrepreneur, writer, motivator + founder of ZENZIVA. Inspired by her own personal journey to transform her health, she created ZENZIVA as way to educate people around the world about the power of a well-being life style.

A born epicurean, Andrea is the designer + alcehimst of the ZENZIVA organic skin food collection + the editor of ZENZIVA Living, our online magazine. Since creating ZENZIVA and healing her body, she now feels limitless in her ability to expand and empower others to do the same. Leading inspiring ZENZIVA scrubs at retreats internationally.


Hoku Bayly, Maui

Hoku Bayly is a Maui born babe, our Chief Operating Officer, + a regular contributing writer of Zenziva Living, our online magazine. She works alongside Andrea as co-alcehmist of our skin food collection. 

Hoku is fascinated with life and its ever expansive nature. Traveling, writing, learning, leading scrubs, music and dancing are some of her greatest passions, and are what she says makes life so interesting and a JOY to play with.



Kamalei Grace, Oahu

Kamalei is a Life Coach and avid creator raised on the island of Oahu. She has shared her gift of creativity with ZENZIVA for its unique foundation is built from a place of love, which is in perfect alignment with her own personal values. She is committed to sharing her gifts of knowledge, creativity, and light to empower all whom seek her guidance. Helping others has always been a deep passion of Kamalei’s and through leading ZENZIVA scrubs she is capable of showing society exactly how to follow a path of self-love, self-healing, and personal growth. Connect with Kamalei Grace and deepen your practice of self discovery.

(808) 223-4841

Kara Fujita Jovic, Oahu

Kara is a creative director, writer and yoga teacher (200-hour RYT Yoga Alliance and YogaWorks). She’s passionate about how total well-being, mind, body and spirit, can empower people to live better lives and collectively effect positive change on a global scale. Having taught yoga in Europe and now in United States, she also writes for Wanderlust and is the founder of Creative Sages, a creative collective that works with companies who are making a positive impact in the world. Inspired by how a practice of daily self nourishment has improved her life, Kara leads ZENZIVA scrubs on Oahu and is dedicated to helping others connect with a lifelong practice of personally empowered well-being