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Hello hello and welcome to Zenziva Living! We are a self love life style brand dedicated to empowering women to learn to love their bodies and themselves on a much deeper level. Our chocolate body scrub is a delicious and decadent way to not only nourish your beautiful skin, but also creates an opportunity to drop in and really be with yourself to indulge in some much needed emotional introspection. Asking how am I doing, what am I feeling, is there anything I need for myself or am ready to let go of right now?

Not only sloughing off the dead skin cells but also identifying any energy that is ready to be symbolically cleared from your body and cells. Whether your in the bath or shower or river or ocean, to then allow that water to be the cleansing agent that washes it all away, letting ourselves be re-born again and again. Brand new versions of ourselves with glowing radiant skin and energetically lighter-- reclaiming our power to heal ourselves. We hope to inspire our tribe of kindred spirits to begin a lifetime practice of consistently loving their beautiful bodies.

Andrea Berset is an avid entrepreneur, writer + founder of Zenziva. Inspired by her own personal journey to transform her health, she created Zenziva as way to educate people around the world about the power of an intentional self love life style.

A born epicurean, Andrea is the designer of our highly coveted Chocolate Body Scrub + the editor of Zenziva Living, our online magazine. Since creating Zenziva and healing her body, she now feels limitless in her ability to expand and empower others to do the same. Leading inspiring Zenziva scrubs at retreats internationally.


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Hoku Bayly is the head of Zenziva’s Maui division and is a regular contributing writer in Zenziva Living. Being born on the beautiful island of Maui, she experiences direct inspiration from the powerful land, and is fiercely passionate about sharing that love, wisdom and connection with others.

Hoku is the most amazing mother of two, and leads our very unique bridal party scrubs throughout the Hawaiian islands. She loves to sing, dance, write, travel, explore, and connect deeply with all whom she encounters.