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Enhancing + empowering women’s lives with our magical self love chocolate scrub, worldwide!

Hello hello and welcome to Zenziva Living! We are a self love beauty brand dedicated to encouraging women to reclaim our power to love our bodies and whole selves, as we are. The chocolate body scrub is a divine self love tool inspired by the ultimate queen, Cleopatra. As she was well known for bathing in blissful chocolate for the unparalleled + youthful beauty benefits. An ancient secret.

Our self love scrub practice creates space and time in your life to connect with your body in a unique way. When you give gracious love + attention to each body part, magic happens. You will begin to accept and even embrace your body, as she is. Shining up your skin with heavenly chocolate sugar is a fun + playful way to enjoy this body you call home!

Lovingly connecting with your body on the reg cultivates a harmonious relationship with yourself, and has a positive impact in your life and for all of us, collectively. When you truly love yourself you tap into this radiant feeling of dazzling wholeness, and have more confidence, courage and are able to trust your own intuition and all of life. No-one can love you like you can, the feeling is unprecedented and it can be yours!

We are deeply dedicated to our body loving movement and to inspiring our Zenziva family to begin a lifetime practice of celebrating our beautiful bodies + whole selves!


Andrea Berset is an avid writer, facilitator, leader, + founder of Zenziva. Inspired by her journey to transform her health, she is passionately committed to sharing what she has discovered about the benefits of living a lifestyle of wholeness.

A born epicurean, Andrea is the designer of our highly coveted chocolate body scrub + the editor of Zenziva Living, our online magazine. Since creating Zenziva and healing her body, she now feels limitless in her ability to expand and empower others to do the same. Leading inspiring Zenziva self love scrubs at retreats internationally.