The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond and must be polished or the luster of it will never appear - Daniel Defoe


Time and time again, this work blows me away. I’ve seen firsthand that when a woman loves the body she calls home, she can embrace her power to create the life of her dreams. It was through this work that I was led to Zenziva.

I scrubbed my thighs and my legs, remembering how unkind I had sometimes been to them, always pushing my body to be thinner or paying attention to the parts I loved while ignoring the parts I didn’t. Yet during the scrub, I cared for and nourished every single part of my body and it felt amazing!

Whether I am in a group of women doing a scrub on the beach together or by myself at home in the shower, the results are the same. Not only does my skin feel supple and smooth, I also feel physically lighter and brighter as if I had sloughed off a layer that was no longer needed.

When I started to practice loving my body, she showed up totally different to me. I no longer so all the things that were wrong with her and instead saw everything that was so amazing about her. This practice is my way to honor her and this ever evolving journey that we are on together.

How to love your body the way it is…

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