our mission—

To Inspire More Harmonious Communities By Empowering Women With Supportive Self Love Tools

Because of your continued support and dedication to loving your body, we can share the beauty and magic of women supporting women. Everyone who purchases a chocolate scrub becomes part of our mission to empower women, worldwide.

A portion of all our proceeds funds our current local community work and is saved to fund our future self love scrub missions. Where we will share the chocolate scrub experience with women in impoverished places around the globe. Bringing experiential beauty and playful joy to the lives of women who otherwise may never have the luxury to use a chocolate body scrub.

Honoring The Sis In Subsistence

The healing power of beauty contains an untapped potential for inspiring transformative hope in both individual women and communities alike. When a woman is well equipped with the proper tools to love + take care of herself, she is empowered to further nurture her family and community. The wellness of women as a whole has a direct social and economic impact on all of humanity. We aim to enhance the beauty of this world by sharing our gifts with our less fortunate sisters born into subsistence both locally and globally. As the chocolate scrub and the experience of the group self love scrub reverently connects women to their bodies, each other and the earth in profound ways.

“The power of women supporting women. We all said prayers and gave honor to our ancestors, scrubbed ourselves and each others backs with chocolate body scrub. Then we set new intentions with each flower we tossed down the river. What a beautiful experience to be one with nature, and each other.” - Caitlin

Our Grand Vision— Bringing Beauty + Opportunity To All Women

Our true dream is to one day take our philanthropic work a step further and provide impoverished women with the systems + finances needed to run their own profitable beauty scrub business in their hometown. To create the conditions to give work to these women so they can move from subsistence to a life of sustenance.