3 steps to accept your body now—

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Soften your self judgment

Are you exhausted from trying to fit into some idea of how you think your body should look? From controlling your body’s every move to counting calories, over-eating and then beating yourself up? The endless search for the next thing that will hopefully help you like what you see in the mirror? 

I know I was, this sort of self deprecation is excruciating and feels like your in a never ending battle because you are babe. You are fighting something that you will NEVER win with any external solutions, and I know your super invested in hoping that it will.

Fortunately, this is an inside job—

This idea of being a “good enough” version of yourself will haunt you in your 20’s, in your 40’s, and in your 60’s, if you don’t check the inner critic’s endless shit talking. Right now you have a body that desperately needs your love, especially to like what you see in the mirror. That's the beautiful caveat, the love you want to feel for your body lies in your ability to accept your body, RIGHT NOW, flaws and all. It’s so simple the mind will dismiss it as “waste of time,” however, your body will literally look different to you when you see yourself through the eyes of love. I was absolutely astounded when the shift happened in me!

LOVE THIS QUOTE— “There is no future, there is only right now. it’s now or it’s not. Your future is going to be like you feel today. Your future is going to be full of what you are feeling right now.” — Abraham Hicks

You are meant to enjoy your body and your life with sensorial pleasures. You are going to eat too much sometimes and at other times have perfect discipline. When you get off your own case about it, and just let it be okay— the self judgment falls away and you will no longer be energetically against yourself. What would that feel like if you let your body be good enough, right now?

Have you ever heard the adage, what you resist persists? 

The majority of us are completely unaware that we are in resistance to ourselves because it is all under the guise of “self improvement.” We are hell bent on finding a solution to our problem and are subconsciously creating more of that thing we don’t want, by focusing on it. I know I sure was, I thought that once I found this miracle combination of herbs + remedies that then I could love my body because then she would be good enough.

Unbeknownst to me, this tireless crusade was keeping me trapped in an endless hamster wheel, always searching for something outside of myself. It's very much like the fish that lives in water, the fish does not know it lives in water because that's all it knows. Until something triggers in us an awakening out of this illusion of self judgment and control.

When I stopped feeding the “search for a solution” machine with my energy and attention, ALL that energy and attention became available for me to start loving my body right now, exactly the way she is, with all her imperfections. That energetic shift within transformed the relationship I now have with my body to a deeply loving, no matter what kind of love.

I cherish my imperfections as I now know its what makes me unique, and because they have been embraced they no longer have a negative hold on me. Turns out those things I hated about my body were actually profound pointers, showing me exactly what parts of my body needed my love. IT’S TRULY PHENOMENAL!

How does the inner critic really treat you?

THE REAL TRUTH— You will never find what your looking for outside of yourself. YOU, my friend are what you are searching for! The emotional wound of not liking your body or yourself will only heal when you have the courage to acknowledge it. Initially, it is unbearable to feel, but after being truthful with yourself is when you get to experience the awesome relief of acceptance. The search can be over, I know how freaking exhausting it is! I also know all too well that we have been conditioned to search for answers outside of ourselves. Please know that these words will sink in for you, and with some time + practice you will surrender and accept your body, every part of your body!

Accepting your body is so important because then you can detach and lovingly look after your body, just like a beloved pet. You will happily do whatever you need to do to take care of your body— just like getting the oil changed on your car, from a place of TLC and not futility.

See your body through the eyes of love—

From the place of energetic embrace, you will find that you no longer judge your body just like you do not judge your friend's bodies. Our suffering is in our own self judgment, no one else is judging you like you are judging yourself, I PROMISE!

One day you will look in the mirror and you will see your body through the eyes of love and feel the deepest gratitude. Believe me, when you're on your deathbed your lifetime regrets will not include— dang, I wish I had lost that last 10-20 lbs. You will be thinking— dang, I wish I had taken the time to accept myself so I would have had the courage to do all the things I truly wanted to do.

3 simple steps to body acceptance

  1. Acknowledge that you have yet to accept your body, the power is in simply admitting this, honoring this so you can start to feel into the AMAZING energy of acceptance.

  2. Be radically honest with yourself, this opens up the way to healing. What does the inner critic say about your body that you would be so embarrassed if someone else overheard?

  3. Begin consistently giving love to your body, all parts of your body using the chocolate scrub. Your body will thrive when given love and encouragement from you! The chocolate scrub is made with the intention + purpose to connect you to your body in a fun, yet deeply healing way.

Having a tangible tool to use on the reg like the chocolate scrub seriously helped me connect to + start loving every part of my body, even the parts I used to cringe at.

It is so worth it to make time in your life to feel content + comfortable in this body you call home. Draw a bath or take a long shower and while you scrub— give your loving attention + encouraging words to every body part, you will be blown away by the inner shifts you start to experience.

Please comment below + share your thoughts, and pass it along to anyone you know who might benefit💗

Written with love by— Andrea Berset

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