Wei, wu, wei...doing, NOT doing

written by— Andrea Berset

Allowing ourselves the luxury of doing absolutely nothing is a somewhat foreign concept in our modern times. When I first began to practice the art of doing nothing it was very difficult at first. You mean not even meditate? Aren't we supposed to be over powering our mind with positive thoughts so that the negative ones do not create anything we do not want?

My mind, and I’m sure yours too, went into overdrive at the mere thought of total relaxation. Our nervous systems operate on high speed and at incredible paces when conditioned to do so. My body literally twitched like a fish out of water when a trusted mentor was finally able to get through to me and gave me the permission to totally relax, and do nothing.

Wow, I thought, mmmmm how does one do nothing? My schedule was blocked in 15-20 minute intervals for that fast paced entrepreneurial pathway to ultimate success. I had no idea where to even start. Instead of trying to figure out with my mind how to do nothing I literally just laid back exactly where I was sitting at the time and felt this incredible freedom, total liberation from the belief that I have to do something all the time, for the very first time!

It is fascinating to experience both physically and energetically, the unwinding of the belief that we must always be doing something, even if it's just sitting in meditation, or reading, or manifesting. You are still doing something!

I’m talking about the kind of doing nothing like laying back in the grass and watching the clouds go by. Or the kind of doing nothing like laying back in the warm sand after we chocolate scrub and just laying there, with zero instruction on what to do next. Literally just BEING, as we were designed to do as human beings and not human doers.

It is in these unexpected moments of pure relaxation, just being, that the body mind and soul have the opportunity to heal and reset. As well as when there is nothing “to do” our imagination can play in the spacious nothingness in your mind that is now freed up from a task or a thought.

The latest wisdom teaching I have integrated into my well-being lifestyle after learning to do nothing, is an ancient Chinese philosophy of Wei, Wu, Wei...doing, not doing.

Finding this balance has been the most incredible gift of all. I do a task and then I do nothing. Literally feeling ecstatic to do the task at hand and with ALL of my focus, because after I know I have a chance to re-charge + unplug. Creating master efficiency at the “doing.”

Truly the most efficient reward system I have ever come across so far in my journey. In those blissful moments of just being and doing nothing after I just kicked ass and did something, allows my body, mind and soul to enter back into the realm of peace, ease and gratitude.

Where all the magic happens without effort on your part