How to love your body the way it is—

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Your body thrives when accepted, by YOU

I have been so fortunate to live with my sister Emily for the last year. We have been able to support each other and our sister ship in the best ways! Being in close quarters has provided the opportunity to “stand up” for her body when I hear her be mean about her.

“I used to hate my fat thighs! Every time I’d look at them, I hated them and called them gross. My sister Andrea would stop me, saying-- don't say that about your beautiful legs, stop talking about your legs like that! It’s taken months of retraining those thoughts and now I have been noticing how beautiful my legs are” — Emily

I too used to say mean things about my body. It's so common and so very subtle that often times we just dismiss it as normal and we don't “stand up” for ourselves and stop this negative self-talk. The closest and most intimate relationship you will ever have in your life is with your body and yet we allow this kind of abuse to go on.

I feel like we all suffer from some version of body image disorder. As the way we see ourselves in the mirror isn't how others see us at all. That example with Emily speaks volumes about the way that we treat our bodies. When you look at your body through the eyes of judgment you will only see the parts that you do not like.

Invest your attention + energy into a loving relationship with your body

I believe the first step to learning to love your body starts with admitting that there are parts that you wish were different. Gently admit to yourself that you are withholding the love you feel for her until your body “looks a certain way,” or “is good enough for you.” Acknowledgment of these feelings helps us shift into the energy of acceptance. It is 100% okay for you to not like every single thing, we love other people and can not like them too. When you can let that be okay, your resistance to how you feel about your body will start to shift on its own.

Is your inner environment within you loving, kind and supportive?

Think of a parent/child scenario. The child will become depressed and WILL get fat and feel gross from just being told that she is. We respond to our environment. You are the mother to your body now, all-powerful queen of your queendom— how do you treat your personal empire, your body? Your cells are your literal soldiers, and you can lead them in the best way, but only from a true place of LOVE.

What would that feel like if you let your body be beautiful and perfect right now?

Can you surrender the idea of improving your body and accept the way that she looks, the way that she is, right now in this moment?

You share an amazing level of intimacy with your body whether you have become aware of it or not. Your body is always shape-shifting in response to how you 1— feel about her, and 2— talk about her. The majority of how we feel about ourselves is 95% subconscious, we are mostly unaware of it.

You are way more powerful than you realize my love— GRAB THE REIGNS, YOU HAVE DOMINION OVER YOUR BODY

Becoming aware of how you feel about your body is the only way to truly shift your perspective. The miracle of loving your body can be instantaneous! The beauty is that it will continue to be a life long practice to cherish your ever-changing body. The love you can feel for your body is endless, this is the only guaranteed relationship you will experience till the end of time.

I woke up to the realization that my body needed my love with a simple question, and then I started to tell her how much I love her while I chocolate scrubbed. Over time, my perspective of my body started to shift. What I had hated about her softened and all that disdain magically turned into gratitude. Gratitude for being alive and having a body to enjoy and play in! Emily is also experiencing the shift, If we can do it, you can do it!

These mere questions will activate your awareness and the next time an unpleasant thought about your beautiful body comes up you will stand up for her! Over time, being on your side in this way will literally shift your perspective of your body, and you will start to look at your body lovingly. You will begin to regard yourself with loving compassion, this is the gift for learning to love your body. It opens up the heavenly gates to your heart and the certainty is that you will continue to expand in even more love for yourself and ALL OF LIFE.

Please comment below + share your thoughts, and pass it along to anyone you know who might benefit💗

Written with love by— Andrea Berset

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