Why loving yourself matters—

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All you are ever experiencing is who you are being to yourself

A dear friend recently asked me this question, why does loving yourself matter? With a twist. He said, how would you explain it to a five-year-old? Love this as it is said that you don't truly understand anything unless you can explain it to your grandparents, or in this case a child. This was an awesome challenge and I came up with quite a few answers. As well as asked some of my peeps that are also on the self love journey their thoughts to share with all of you!

My answer— Your experience of your world is a reflection of the way that you treat yourself. When you prioritize yourself and fill up your cup to overflowing, you can show up to love others in the most “available” way. There is no resentment, because you have already taken care of your own needs, so your attention can be fully present in the moment!

Free yo self!

When all the energy that it takes to try and find love outside of you is available to you, you are freed up to joyously connect with and give to others from a place of wholeness. A place of genuine trust, a trust in yourself that you will be on your own side. Because you have learned to love yourself first, you can show up to love everyone and everything without needing anything in return. Your love will be unconditional. When you take the time to get clear on what works for you and what doesn’t it is easy to be on your own side. You will also realize that everything you need you can totally give to yourself.

Loving yourself matters because when you respect, honor and admire the shit out of yourself, so will the rest of your world. When you have truly accepted your own quirks + unique personality, you no longer seek for validation or approval from others, nor do you have unrealistic expectations on them either! Therefore, you can bring your own sweet + pure magic into every moment, unapologetically.

When you accept yourself, the fear of “maybe something is wrong with me” vanishes, so you're no longer holding yourself back in any way and can, with confidence, be your true self. This way of showing up in the moment only inspires others and allows them to do the same.

You become a beacon of love that radiates pure happiness and magnetize others to you, to share that joy and to experience even more love, together. Love is a secret language, a secret attractor, and the love from your own heart is the most beautiful gift you can share with your world. Loving yourself makes your life exciting, you have passion and excitement for every single day. Everything feels dreamy and romantic because your the one in love with your life!

You are the shining star of your own universe!

Since you are the center of your world, the star of your own show, it is absolutely required that you treat yourself like the VIP. That you choose what is best for you. That you check in moment by moment and ask yourself, is this what i want to do? What do I want to do right now? Even with an amazing partner in your life you must still take yourself out on fabulous dates and buy yourself those gorgeous flowers. It is VITAL that you give yourself what you want! You will wait a lifetime waiting for others to give it to you.

Additional answers to the question…

My mentor, Pali says— You are only ever experiencing who you are being to yourself.

My sister, Emily is an elementary art K-5 teacher and levels with children all day! It is no doubt one of her super powers and why she is in their lives. This is what she would say— You know how much you care about others? And how much they care about you? You have to care about yourself like that and not put yourself down. When you love yourself you can love others more and when you care about yourself you feel good and can help others feel good too!

My friend, Marco— Because it makes you feel whole, you feel and are happy, other people see that and come to you with smiles and the love spreads!

My soul sister, Hoku says— You need to love yourself because sometimes you might want physical love from someone and they won’t be able to give it to you, so you need to practice being loved from the inside. Hug yourself!

Please comment below + share your thoughts, and pass it along to anyone you know who might benefit💗

Written with love by— Andrea Berset

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